My 3 yr. old Russian blue is lossing hair...

by Dana
(Encinitas, CA)

My oldest cat is lossing hair. It started w/ a small patch between his shoulder blades that got bigger and a few days later I noticed that behind both ears he is also missing hair. The top of his head is also a bit patchy. We did move in January and he is usually an indoor/outdoor cat but since christmas I have kept him in b/c he got into a bad fight w/ a neighborhood cat and he was bleeding w/ a piece of his ear missing and the side of his face bleeding. This is not the first move for him, we have moved 3 times since I have had him...2 years at our last home though. We did get a third cat in September who may be trying to gain dominance right now but STRESS just doesn't add up.

Do you have any thoughts, other then the normal scabies, ringworm etc...diagnosis?

Answer by Kate
well as you say it may be what is known as over grooming caused by stress (does he groom a lot especially around his head area?)

If not then it could be a fungal infection of skin mite or even an allergy, the only real way is to get a vet to do some skin scrapes etc and to at the very least rule these out.

I do have a web page here about fur loss etc which may be of further help here is the a link

As I say how ever the only real answer is a trip to the vets.

I hope the cause can be found quickly as it must be very distressing for both you and your cat.

best wishes Kate

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