my 3yr cat is limping and he can't jump and wheeze's

by Madeeha

hi my 3 yr old cat used to go outside and stay till h felt hungry or wanted to sleep inside so usually he would come home with a mouse or bird but yesterday he came back with a cut nose and the blood was everywhere on his face my first reaction was to clean it with cotton wool so i wet it and started to dab on the nose he started shaking his head so i used a dry one it made no difference but he liked it. he went straight to sleep but if you stroked his neck or back he would try to meow but instead wheeze so we didn't touch him but he was always watching me when i wet to sleep so i started stroking his head and he fell asleep after 5 mins. in the morning he got up and tried to go downstairs but my sister said it took 1/2 an hour to get to the front door and the another 1/2 to get to his food he gave up and came upstairs also in slow motion when i got up i opend my blinds and window, if the windows are open he likes to sit near them but he came and he was so slow he would often sit down and wait for a bit and then start walking again but when he tried to jump on to the windowsill he he started wheezing and sat down again so i picked him up but he meowed in a strange way so i put him down then he just started lying down and watching anything moving.

sorry this is so long but do you know what his problem is? he is very fit, healthy and has a good diet but recently he has drank alot of water. please help.

I would say that he has either fallen or been hit by something or possible has a very nasty virus The celici virus for instance please see this page for more on this

I would strongly urge you to take your cat to see a vet as soon as possible.

His symptoms are severe enough to warrant getting urgent medical attention.

it is impossible to say what has happened as the blood on his nose could indicate a fall but equally could indicate hit by a vehicle or as I say there are also viruses that can cause bleeding and this sort of stiff walking etc.

the fact that he is not collapsed is a good sign but as I say you do need to get him to see a vet as soon as possible.

i hope you are able to get urgent treatment for your cat and that he he makes a full recovery soon

best wishes kate

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