my 4month old kitten has gained a lot of weight over the past two weeks

by nichola
(north east, uk)


i have noticed that my four month old kitten has gained a lot of weight, not only round her middle but round her face she seem overall bigger within the last two weeks!. i am really worried as i have not fed her any different food apart from whiskers treats when she's good. i have read that it could be a case of worms, the thing is my kitten has not yet been out doors as i am waiting to get her sprayed i have also read that you have to wait 6months before a vet will do this. her stomach seems very round and hard. a member of my family has her brother and since they came from the same little we let them have a little play once every two weeks, is it possible that she could be pregnant? we have alway kept an eye on them and have always been in the same room as the kittens i have not seen him mount her once?..we also thought that a kitten was not able to become pregnant till 6month he brother was also the bigger kitten but now he looks so little compared to her. lately she has been a lot more affectionate and just want to chill. i have an appointment at the vets this weekend to see whats happening... if she is pregnant would she be able to give birth with her being so young?... or is it just the case that she is growing and is going to be a big cat, she seems to have also grown in hight. any advised would be much appreciated, i am rather worried for the my kittens health.

Thanks Nichola x

Answer from Kate
Ah well now difficult to say for sure. Kittens can put a lot of weight on quite quickly if they are not getting enough exercise. i know my own two cats went through a period of being fat during the winter when they stayed in.

However at 4 months she would be very young to get pregnant but she could be going into her first heat as this starts to happen between 4 and 8 months depending on the cat.

Also yes it may be she has worms too so your trip to the vet is definitely the right thing to do. Don't worry i'm sure it can be sorted out.

best wishes Kate

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