My 5 month old kitten is acting crazy?

by Hannah
(Salem, OR; USA)

Here she is taking a nap

Here she is taking a nap

We've had our kitten for about 3-4 months, and she's always been playful and affectionate, and generally just a good kitten. She only meows when her food bowl is empty or if she's lonely.

Lately, however, she's been acting completely insane. She runs frantically from room to room, jumping on EVERYTHING, knocking things over, pouncing at nothing, etc. She also rolls over on her back and swats at us when we try to pet her.
Is this just a stage that she'll grow out of? And should we punish her for being too hyper, or just give her time to calm down by herself?

Answer from KAte
sounds to me like normal kitten behavior to me. kittens do go through all sorts of different satges as they grow up and I found with my own two kittens that at around 5 to 6 months their energy levels and need for more explorations etc did increase but it was just a phase that lasted a few months. But a kitten / young cat will have lots of energy and will need lots of ways to use this up.

Also at 5 months your female cat is moving into adulthood regarding going into her first heat and this can change their behavior too.

So it may be time to start to think about having her spayed.

As for punishing her. This is a no no and completely pointless. She would not associate any so called punishment with the cause and may learn to become afraid of you. if you would like any tips for how to teach a cat right and wrong behavior for the future their is only one way and this is to use a language they understand. i have written a page about this here

However in this instance she is just full of the joys of kitten hood but it is a good idea to make sure she understands that swiping people even in play is not on and this is where the above method can help.

best wishes Kate

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Kitten acting wired
by: Anita M

Hi , we've had our kitten now 4 months. It's been a week now she's been acting so wired. She doesn't sit on our laps any more. When we try and pick her up she tries to scratch and tries to escape. She really goes for my fingers. And when walking past her she would scratch us. But every morning she purres when i open the bedroom door.i pick her up give a cuddle speak to her. Then we go downstairs i give her food & fresh water. Is this normal.

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