My 6year old cat had deworming shots and the lump is growing at the shot site

by noah

i have a six year old male cat and he had tape worm for several weeks.

i took him to the vet in town and they gave him deworming shot and a cat fever shot at first visit, and second deworming shot two weeks later. after these two visits, i noticed a little lump on his back where he had his shots. i asummed it is just from the shot and it will go away. But it is growing! i took him back to the vet two weeks later and the vet said it could be from the shot but he is not sure about it.
he said he will have to cut his skin and cut the lump, send it to the lab. and he will charge me for every expense.

i called different vets, and they said it is from the shot and it needs to be removed.

can it develop to cancer or tumor?
will it go away?

Answer by Kate
unfortunately some cats react differently to injections and shots of different kinds and it sounds like in your cats case that his body has reacted to the shot.

I am not a vet but if the lump is growing then it needs to be removed other wise it will continue to keep growing.

My own cat had a lump on her ear which kept on growing and although it was not cancerous was starting to cause her some discomfort and so we had it removed. Unfortunately for her we did not catch it in time and the lump grow back and she eventually had to have her ear removed (as you can see from pictures of little Mo on the site), however she is absolutely fine now 9that was two years ago). So if I was you i would take your vets advice and have the lump removed sooner rather than later.

best wishes Kate

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