my 7 week old cat wees in corner of the room

I have two male kittens (brothers) They are 7 weeks old. They are inside cats and have never been outside. they mainly stay in our room and use connected bathroom for food and litter tray. they are toilet trained however 1 of them keeps weeing behind the litterbox and in the same corner of our living room, whenever they are let into rest of house. It is not little either it is a huge puddle that smells! its always in the corner near the windows and sliding door that lead to outside. Could you tell me why he is doing this? Or what I can do to stop this behaviour. He uses the litter tray every time I have seen him so I cant understand why hes weeing in these other places?

Answer by Kate
There are many reasons a cat will do this but mainly it is to do with territory and scent marking.
Each cat should have their own litter tray and areas to go in so that the other cats urine smell does not cause the cat to feel threatened.

y best advice is to ask you to read my page about this sort of problem as it has all the possible causes and how you can prevent it happening again. here is the page

Your male cats will also be moving into adult hood in the next few months and this can also be a cause of urination around the home (male cat urine will also smell very strong before they are neutered.) I have a page about neutering etc which you may also find of interest

best wishes Kate

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