My 8 month old little male kitten seems to have a hitch in his step

by Mike Estes
(Jasper,Alabama )

Hello and let me start by saying thank you for all u do. Me and my wife take in strays all the time and Jasper was no exception. When we got him home he was deaf, could not hear a vacuum cleaner right behind him. The vet found that his ears were infested with ear mites and if we get them taken care of his hearing might come back & it did, but just a few weeks ago I noticed he was walking and running funny. While running both back legs were even and he almost hopping, it wasn't the normal 1,2--1,2 pattern my other cats run, when he walks it's like he has a hitch or limp in both back legs. What was great was a few days passed and everything was fine, he was running, jumping , and walking fine. I thought it was just one of those weird things cats do, but the same symptoms have returned. He's is not showing any signs of pain, he's eating, drinking,peeing and pooping just fine. He still wants to play with me and my wife and with the other cats. We would really appreciate your insight, thank you for the help. My name is Mike

Umm well i wonder if one of two things are happening here. It could be that he does have some pressure on his spine which may become inflamed now and again. The other possibility is that his previous ear infestation may have caused some inner ear issue which may cause balance issues.

to be honest with you your best option is to see your vet again and have your cat examined for any of these possible problems.

I do think it would be rather odd for a cat to start hopping for no apparent reason. So yes I do think it is worth having your cat checked out.

Hope he is ok again soon


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Same thing
by: Anonymous

I have exactly the same experience with my kitty and thought my little girls had done something to her legs. But she has not been eating and I woke up this morning to see tthat she had passed away. It has nothing to do with "inflammation".

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