My 9 year old cat has a lump on her bottom and keeps being sick.

by Amy Ashworth

Hi, I've had my cat since she was a kitten and she has been brought up with her biological brother. We recently moved house and she has been fighting a lot with other cats in the area... around a week ago i noticed a lump the size of a 10 pence piece. the lump is white (skin coloured) with purple/ red spots (i'm not sure if these are blood or not as she wont let me get close enough to look). She also has a large patch of hair missing on her tail. She is constantly cleaning the lump and instinctively looking after it of her own accord.

In addition to this, she is sick a lot. She has always been a good eater and enjoys her food. She has always been fed on wet and dry food and clean water is always available for her. She seems to be drinking a lot more than usual but not eating as much. Her sick is just the food that she eats, there is nothing unusual about the sick other than the amount of times she is sick.
As you can imagine, she has lost her character a little bit due to being ill. She is very withdrawn from everything and everyone. This is a big change because she used to be a very social outdoor cat and now she just stays in and sleeps on the chair or on my bed, only going outside to do her business. She has become very clingy to me.

As I'm sure, you can understand I am extremely worried about her but I dont have the funds to take her to the vets and I am scared they will want to put her down because her brother will be devastated as they are extremely close.

Your help is very much appreciated.
Amy x

I'm not sure why you think the vet would want to put her down. Her symptoms are completely normal for a cat who is anxious due to the recent move and the fights she has been having and also it is very possible that the lump is due to a bite which may be infected. I know this because my cats have had this too and have behaved in the same way.

I'm afraid that your best option is to do as i did, take her to the vets who will more than likely give her a anti inflammatory/pain relief injection and a antibiotic injection to fight any infection. After my cats had this done they picked up within a few days.

Cat bites can be very nasty and as cats have a lot of nasty bacteria in their mouths, wounds are easily infected. To stop this from getting any worse antibiotics are needed.

I know it will cost money but that is part of cat ownership i'm afraid.

I hope she is better soon


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