My 9 year old, overweight cat has stopped eating and is sneezing alot.

by Lisa

Navoo is a 9 year indoor cat. She weights about 25 lbs and for the past 2 weeks she has stopped eating and sneezes constantly. What do you think could be the reason why if any.

When ever a cat stops eating it should be taken seriously. the trouble is from what you have described it could be many things or even several things causing the loss of appetite.

Sneezing is a symptom of allergies,
A object stuck in the nose or throat or even a cold or cat flu

However if the cat has not been eating for some time it is important that a proper diagnosis is found by a vet, so that it can be treated and stopped in its tracks.

best wishes kate

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Cat stopped eating and sneezing
by: Mary in NC

When a cat stops eating, it is always a cause for concern and a call or trip to the vet is encouraged.
However, it is COMMON that when a cat is sneezing alot or has nasal conjestion they will refrain from eating normally.
Cats NEED to be able to SMELL their food.
If they are stuffy and cannot smell, their appetite will diminish.
Of curse this should NOT be allowed to continue for more than a couple days without seeking advice from your vet.
I have a cat that has had a bad "kitty cold" for about two weeks. When she first got the stuffy nose, I noticed she would go to her dish as if she was hungry but then she would sniff the food (or try to) and walk away.
The vet confirmed that if she cannot smell her food, she will probably not proceed to eat.
I keep her nose wiped clean with a soft warm, wet cloth to keep it from crusting over.
My vet suggested another remedy to help the cat clear their nasal conjestion somewhat and the process is this:
Buy a bottle of Human nasal spray (Afrin is reccomended) and scruff the cat and tilt its head backward then drop ONE DROP of Afrin onto the cats nose between the two nasal passages and allow the drop ro run back into the cats nasal passeges.
This can be done a couple times a day to help open their nasal passages but not for an extended time. (Two days MAX).
I hope this info is helpful.
It helped my cats somewhat but we did end up having to go to the vet and get her on medication to help get rid of her conjestion.
(When cats have this sneezing thing it is CONTAGIOUS to other cats in the home)
When they sneeze...the spray from their sneeze goes into the sir and is inhailed by the other cats
So be mindful...when one starts sneezing thats the time to call the vet and get the process stopped or it goes around from cat to cat and they re-infect each other for WEEKS!.
It is always best when you see a cat showing signs of a "cold" Put that cat in a room to its self and isolate it from the other cats until the symptoms subside.
Best Wishes to all

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