My bed is NOT a litter tray

by Sarah

I have recently got a kitten, I have had her for a week and she is now 7weeks old, yes I know she is to young. Until last night she has always use her tray for wees and poos, but last night she went to her litter tray, got poo on her paw and then when she jumped on the bed it got on there so I washed her foot, sorted the litter tray and changed the bedding, just after i had changed the whole bed and got back in she pee'd on it, so changed the bed again and put her in the cat carrier, and then tonight I come in the bedroom and she has poo'ed on my bed, if I shut the bedroom doors she just continually crys, what else can I try????

Answer by KAte
yes she now thinks it is is ok to poo on the bed and it is likely that it is now part habit and part that she can still perhaps smell it (even the tiniest scent often un noticed by ourselves will be detected.

your best bet is to keep her out of the bedroom for a few days, even if she cries and perhaps give her a period of litter training using the method described on this page

It helps to break habits, calm the cat down and also get them re associated with the litter tray. make sure there are plenty of things in the room to keep her occupied and visit her regularly. yes she will cry but it is not cruel it will help her in the long run.

best wishes Kate

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