My blind 3 year old domestic short hair went bi-polar on me!

by Riya
(Sunnyside, NY, USA)

I have a three year old domestic short hair named Wonder that had herpes as a kitten. When I found him at the local animal hospital he was scrawny and blind in his left eye and had this white fog almost like a cateract in his right eye. He's an indoor cat and not very sociable but, he's never scratched my fiance, my mother, or me. My mother occasionally lets him out in our backyard but, this time he started acting really strange. Anytime I got near him he started yowling and then lunged at me scratching and biting me. He never leaves our backyard but today he jumped into my neighbor's backyard and when I went to get him he just attacked me again. I love my cat, he's like my son, and I always play with him, give him treats, and he has never once in our three years together laid a scratch on me apart from when we're playing. I don't know what to do. It's very cold and dark now and he has slid out of his collar. PLEASE HELP!

Answer by Kate
He is obviously scared of something and as his sight is not good he has just lunged out at the first thing that has come near him while he was in this scared state.

You must try and coax him to come to you so that you can pick him up calmly and gently rather than chasing him around which will make him more afraid.

perhaps spend some time outside calling him with some food and see if he comes to you.

If all else fails you will need to try and grab him with a towel so that he can't lash out. With his eye sight being so bad he will not be able to cope outside very well and so shouldn't go to far.

Hope you can get him back soon

best wishes kate

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