My boyfriend's cat sleeps on my chest, back and side

by Debra
(Washington, DC)

When I sleep over my boyfriend's house, 1 of his 2 female cats (Beluga) prefers to sleep on my chest, back and side when we are in bed. She does not attempt this with my boyfriend, her owner. What does this mean. I know that she is quite fond of me, but why does she feel the need to sleep right on top of me, rather than between our legs or next to us? Why doesn't she exhibit this behavior with my boyfriend or anyone else?

Answer by Kate
How honored do you feel? the obvious answer to why cats like to sleep on top of us is because it is nice and warm and stays nice and warm all night long. Also the gentle breathing movements and sounds might be quite sooting to them.

As to why you, well perhaps you smell nice, move less in your sleep or you are just the chosen one. Just why a cat chooses one person over another is a mystery. All i would say is that it is an honor and i bet your boyfreind is jelous. :)

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Miracle feral cat
by: Cat lady

Since I was a kid,I have a friend cat.He is now old but I'll tell you the start.Fluff Fluff(my cat)(male) when he was a kitten he wanna live by himself.He always get around with me.I was still scared of him.When the time pass by,my grandpa taught me to care for a cat.Now I tried to go near fluff fluff.I didn't know the results but he got near me and lick me.It was a miracle,a feral cat tamed right away.Wow it was unbelievable.He sleeps in my lap daily.Now I've learn feral or stray cats can be tamed.Havent vaccines him so far but he is a lucky cat.🐱🙆🏻

two kitties
by: Anonymous

i have two cats, a grey male and a longhaired orange girl.. both of them at times will try to lay on my back at the same time.. eep. its nice to have a warm furry blanket but you feel each of them subtly trying to push the other off. sadly normally the grey one is the one that loses

Bathroom Bro
by: Anonymous

My cat, Benjamin, not only loves to sleep on my back and side, but he also takes trips to the bathroom with me. Rest assured if I get up to pee, he's up and raring to go with me. I have to put the seat down so he can jump up on it and to the sink so he can keep an eye on me the entire time. Once I've finished, he waits for me to put the seat back down for him, then follows me out of the bathroom and into my bedroom again... then proceeds to either get into bed with me, perch himself on my shoulders if I decide to sit in my chair and watch TV or attempt to squeeze himself between my monitor and tower when I'm playing a game on my PC. He usually tries to avoid laying directly on my mouse or keyboard, thankfully. I love how he follows me around anywhere I go. He's my little buddy.

by: Anonymous

My cat is a orange tabby mixed with tuxedo and he( little bit) everytime I go somewhere he follows me and its like he has to keep a eye on me like he's scared I'll get lost or somthing and my brother is the owner but I've found he never sleeps on top of him but he will lay on me with his head on my face and knead my neck until he falls asleep and every morning at 5:00 he will lick my nose until I wake up. At 6:00 he brings me some odd dead animal and tries to feed it to me much like one would feed a baby.

by: Anonymous

I work all day, and live with 3 other people in the house as soon as i come home and my cat hears My voice she will cry none stop until i literally open the door and go stay inside there with her. She also meows everytime i sneeze will looking at me.

Weird cat
by: Anonymous

My cat actually waits for me to get home from work and runs to the door to greet me. He also seeps in my bed at night, on my chest, back and sides. Also when I go into the ladies room to get ready for work he jumps up on the sink and makes me pick him up. I have to take him out of the bathroom and dance with him for about 5 minutes before he is ready to get down. I have been researching the internet for the answers to this but I can't find any information. Is this love or am I his pet? He wakes me every morning at 5am. Help.

sleepy cat
by: Anonymous

My cat lay down on my chest and purrs, and also do the kneading motion at my neck area. She will keep her head under my neck and kneads until she fall asleep, motionless and no purring.. and later will lay down belly up.. while her head, make sure under my neck.. and she will just sleep. She does this early morning around 2-4AM. Sometimes, i just woke up she is on top of my chest, like the usual fall asleep. She always wake me up at 5-6am which is usually the time also I wake up for work.

by: Anonymous

i have an orange and white tabby cat that was a rescue ,i brought her home after she was left at a animal hospital ,she was a very small kitten.every night when my husband and i go to bed,she comes to bed and jumps on my back and gets mad if i wont let her. i dont km=now why she does it.

Why my cat sleeps on my back
by: Anonymous

Every morning my cat stands on the bedside table and stares at me. If I don't acknowledge him he will take his paw and pat me on my nose. If I still don't acknowledge him and by this time I am usually lying on my stomach he will lay on my back until I wake up. It is his way of telling me it is time to get up.

Cat sleeping on top of you
by: Anonymous

I wonder about this too with my cat- I think it's a show of dominance. This makes sense for the woman who said her boyfriend's cat sleeps on her, she is showing her who is the alpha woman in the house. My cat sleeps on me so that I can't move or he gets really mad and storms off, and sometimes sleeps on my neck so I can't breathe, I really think this is on purpose, he is telling me he is the boss. Now I just have to figure out how to get him to stop. I'm going to try the calming product Rescue Remedy.

My husbands cat sleeps on my back, chest and side
by: Anonymous

That makes sense but doesnt really apply in my case. Within the past few months my back, side, or chest are the ONLY places he sleeps. This is bizarre to me because for the past 4 or 5 years he has destroyed my clothes but shows no interest in my husbands. I told myself he's had a change of heart and it was nothing. But, when I lay on the floor at my sisters house to play with my nephew, her three yorkies all take a nap on my back!

Why does this keep happening to me?

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