My cat and weight loss

My cat was a stray so I would guess his age to be between 8-10 years old. He is very active, having problems jumping up on things, cannot ever be filled up and is loosing weight. We had blood work and his thyroid was slightly elevated so the vet said we can keep an eye on that but other than that he is doing well. He did have problems with the tainted food a few years ago, and had to be in ICU with an iv for 9 days and we did not think he would pull out of it. kidney levels alos slightly high. i just want to make sure we are following through and addressing the right issues. I also do not want to let others go un-noticed. Are there any other tests we should have on him? Thanks for any help you can give me?



Answer by Kate
well I am not a vet so am unable to give you any medical answers regarding tests etc.

However it does sound like you are taking very good care of your cat by getting him checked out by the vet as soon as you notice problems (unfortunately not every one does).

For an old cat and with what he has gone through with his health in the past it does sound like he is doing very well. I do have a web page here on this site about senior cats which you may find interesting.

I am surprised that the vet has not suggested putting him on tablets for his thyroid problem. Lets hope that they thought that the problem was not that serious yet. My own cat had to have her thyroid removed but since then has been a healthy 15 year old.

keep an eye on the weight loss if you think he is getting even thinner then take him straight back to the vets.

best wishes Kate

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