My cat attacked me

by Tracy


I have a 3 year old male cat named Bootsie and a 7 month old female cat named Bonnie. Both have been fixed. We got Bonnie so Bootsie would have a playmate. They love each other.
I just wanted to let you know how sweet Bootsie is and so friendly too. Whenever someone comes over he has to come say "hi!" he likes dogs and cats.

I had my grand daughter over his weekend. She is 2 years old. Everything was fine until she started to cry. I picked her up and was hugging her as she was crying. The next thing I know Bootsie came from behind me and scratched my leg and foot. He was hissing too. I was scared . I am wondering if it was the crying that scared him. I don't think he has ever heard a little girl cry before. He also attacked me when we first got Bonnie and I had stepped on her paw by accident and he did the same thing. However, I have accidentally stepped on Bonnie 2 other times(she is always under my feet) and she didn't attack those times. I am guessing he was scared. I don't know how cats think, or do they think. I think they just react instinctively. I just wanted your opinion on this.

Thank you!


Answer by Kate
i think you have hit the nail on the head. cats will often react aggressively when they are scared and on both occasions something was happening which could make him feel scared. Ie what is that noise etc.

i wouldn't worry too much it sounds like these are isolated cases and that your cat is the sort of animal who is perhaps a little more highly strung than others. His lashing out at the first thing is not malicious but automatic, don't take it personally. When he does this, don't shout at him ( if possible) try to remain calm and do not react, he should be allowed to calm down before you try to approach him.

i hope i have helped to explain his actions, cats are complicated creatures and they do not respond to the world like we do, they have their own rules etc. :)

best wishes Kate

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