My cat being SICK for a few days now HELP PLEASE

by Leah
(Birmingham UK)

My baby Trixiebelle

My baby Trixiebelle

Please female cat escaped jan 26th 2009 , i didnt know she had gone , untill the night, due to my disabilty deaf/blind. Anyway got her back, and i think she were in heat at the time, about 3-4 weeks later she were getting bigger and eating alot, and her nipples were very pink and big. And shes been really happy playing with my other cat, and running and rolling over. But now its coming to her 68th day and im getting worried, for the passed 3 days she been sick little bits. Her nipples look small and her tummy is smaller but still quite hard. So shes nearly over due :(

I dont know what to do, were ever so worried, she never had problems before she had 2 litters, we adopted her while she were pregant with her 2nd one so now if she is pregnant this will be her 3rd, im just worried maybe theres somthing wrong with her babies , i just have a feeling she might not be preg because she looks small.
Do you have any idea what could be causing this?
Ive been feeding her on kitten pouches about 4-6 a day, but its just recently shes been bringing it up.
I have started also this last few days giving her powdered milk Sherleys Lactol. But it says on the back of that, that it good to give them some to give her extra nutritents for her and the babies.
Please help? In a few days i will go to the vet to double check shes ok because she soon will be over due if shes preg.
Look forward to your response.
Many thanks

Answer by Kate
There are special cat foods available for pregnant cats as they need special nutrients to keep them healthy through and after their pregnancy Please see my web page here about special cats foods

As for the health of your cat, well I would not worry too much at the moment as cats can be over due just like humans can too. However if you are really worried or if her behaviour changes or she shows signs of distress then the only answer is to take her to the vets for a check up. At least this way you can be sure she is Ok and if not then she will be in the right place to be looked after and treated.

I hope she is OK and that she has a healthy litter.

best wishes KAte

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by: Leah

Hi , im having alot of emails from people and have noticed they got it from when i posted on here.
Can you remove my comment and picture as i cant do it.
Much appreciated Thank you

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