My cat bites.

by Chloe Thompson

My cat bite's all my family so i wanna know. How do you get cats to stop biting? Do you get some sort of spray? Or food?

Answer by Kate
Unfortunately this is a learned behavior i.r he hasn't learned that biting is not acceptable.

the way you train cats is with positive and negative responses to his behavior.
So when he bits you give him a negative response. Now this is n0t shouting at him, or spraying him or anything like that. A negative response to a cat is something where they do not get the response they are after which is your attention. So when he bits anyone, they must immediately pick him up (making no sound or looking at him) and put him on the floor and move away from him. If this is done every time. he will learn that when he bites, the game stops and he gets no response i.e. no sound or contact.

It does take some time but it is worth it in the end.

I have a web page all about this sort of cat discipline here

best wishes Kate

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