My cat bothering me when I am on my desktop computer.


My kitty Bonnie is going to be 2 in May. She was spayed when she was 4 months old and she is a good kitty for the most part. Anyway, when I am on the computer she keeps going on my desk and a lot of the time she jumps down and unplugs the computer. She goes undernath whee all the wires are all the time and jumps on the computer. She doesn't do it to my boyfriend . Only me. I have tried spraying her and just picking her up and putting her down and saying nothing and nothing works. I know I need to somehow rig my computer so she cannot do this, but it just isn't possible. when she wa a kitten she had chewed through one of the computer and phon wires. I think she has outgrown this (I sure hope so). I don't know how else to get her to stop. It is so annoying! I wish I could have another bedroom where I could put the computer and shut the door so no cats are allowed. My bootsie is 4 and he doesn't do anything like that. he has his own personality and he just never did this. Right now she is back and trying to climb up and I put her down. She just doesn't get it. if my boyfriend come in she will leave right away. she isn't scared of him either. he doesn't even have to yell at her she just doesn't do it when
he is on the computer or if she sees him she will no go near the computer desk. I guess there isn't mucg that i can do. If I had a laptop I wouldn't have a problem. I just hope she outgrows this behavior. Other than that she is a sweet kitty. bootssie and Bonnie adore each other and play together well. Bootsie took Bonnie in like he was her mama and Bootsie is a male. Bonnie was about 6 or 8 weeks old when my boyfriend rescued her from outside our apt. building and the two kitties adore one another. Any advice you can give me would be appreciated!

I feed the feral/stray cats and I spend a small fortune on them otherwise I would donate to you , but i just cannot afford it. I love your site!

Thank you,


Answer from Kate
Well if there is no way to keep her out of the room where the computer is you will have to find other ways to help entertain her. She is obviously seeking your attention.

Have you tried giving her catnip or catnip toys from time to time to keep her amused.

what about other sorts of toys she can explore and play with while you are working?

Apart from shooing her off the computer all the time there is not a lot you can do other then what you are. be persistent and keep removing her from the computer over and over again, she will soon tire.

best wishes kate

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computer kitty
by: Anonymous

Here's what helped me: the can of compressed air that every computer needs to have. My cats HATE the fast shot of air, and the noise it makes. All I have to do is say, "No!" and reach for the can and that's all it takes. Give it a try.

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