My cat Brandi's woes

by RON

Hi there, my 2 year old Blue Russian has been trowing up hairballs for 3 days after she eats. She has been scratching and grooming herself much more than usual this past week and the weather in our area has gotten alittle colder at night. I didn't have any fles problems this summer but my housemate does have 2 dogs that go outside frequently and like I said the weather has been getting alittile colder. I do have anohter 2 year old female tabby but she is short haired and is not showing the signs that the blue russian is. today she has been sleeping more than usual and does have a warm nose. I did feed her treats and she ate them and she did play with her toy (a string on a stick with fish on end)for about 10 minutes then went right back to sleep. Do I have anything to seriously worry about? If something was to happen to her I would lose it. They both are my kids but she is spoiled more then the other(as we tend to do to a favorite child). Thank you for your time and answer and I hope that the answer will be good news.

Ron Hyson
Baltimore MD

Answer by KAte
hairballs can make a ct feel unwell for a few days and it can make them go off of their food. It is importnat as you know to grrom long haired cats three or four times a week to help prevent them from happening. If she is having difficulty getting the hairballs up then their are some treatments you can give to try and help them. please see my page for mkore on this here

You also do need to check for fleas just in case she has picked afew up. If she does have fleas then this can also make a cat feel unwell as they can carry some bugs themselves. Make sure you give her a regualr monthly spot on treatment to keep them away. Also if you do find fleas then you will also have to treat the house as well at the same time.

My advice would be that if she is still not better in another day or so then to be on the safe side i would say to take her to see a vet. but hopefully whatever it is if it is not fleas etc will pass soon.

best wishes Kate

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