My cat completely changed

by Charity

Hello. Two weeks ago we got a kitten to keep my almost year old cat company. It started out rocking the first night but then she seemed to start showing interest in her, smelling her, not hissing, etc. Litter box was an issue, I think. I gave her one chance with an accident and then started putting her outside when I was gone or we were sleeping. She was completley use to being outside also.

Then she ended up missing for a couple days. I thought something got her. But then on day three we found her. She was very lethargic, but would purr constantly. She would eat a little but wasn't really drinking. I made her drink some, and then brought her to the vet. She seemed to check out okay, the vet thought she was just really traumatized on her adventure. Now four-five days later she is eating and drinking, but eating more than normal and her bathroom manners have completely changed. She will go in the litter box to poop, but I think she will only pee in there if I throw her in there. My husband was petting her on our bed and she started peeing! Just let loose. She sometimes walks in circlesm which is odd, and she seems to be getting a little mean AND now she isn't purring or meowing (which is very strange for her). What is up with her??

I love her but this kind of behavior is going to force me into a decision I really don't want to make.

Any ideas? I do plan on calling the vet on Monday to discuss also.


Answer by kate
Um this does sound a lite strange It may be down o the arrival of the other cat on her territory. She may feel threaten and is scent marking he house. Did you introduce the two cats using the safe method over a few days? This helps the cat to get used to the new arrival in a safe environment it will also combine to help her get used to her litter ray again. Here are the methods

Also the two cats will need separate litter trays if they are kept inside a lot. These trays will need to be in separate places in the house.

I think it is a good idea to speak to your vet again as I don't like the sound of this turning in circles behavior.

I hope you dont have to make any harsh decisions about your cat, after all she is not doing anything deliberately.

best wishes kate

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Urinary Tract Infection
by: Anonymous

a friend of mine had a cat that frequently got urinary tract infections that would circle and not use the litter box because it associated the box with pain. take kitty to the vet please.

please dont
by: Anonymous

your cat of course, your choice but if worst comes to worst please dont put them down, there are shelters who will take older cats too

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