my cat constantly pees around the house

I have a male domestic short haired cat that is not neutered and he pees around the house and i was wondering if it is pee or if he is spraying cause he does pee in his litter box which he shares with another cat and doesn't mind to but then i guess after it gets full a little he goes and pees elsewhere.Could it be because the litter box is dirty for him to use or what? Also sometimes he pees in the same spot in various parts of the house. i also wanted to inform you that my other cat is a older female which is neutered and a lot of times we will find him bugging her.He is very sexually active.But i just don't know if he is spraying or peeing cause it does smell strong and if he is spraying will neutering help this problem or finding him a mate? Please Help!!!

Answer by Kate
yes the peeing around the house in the same areas is a territory marking thing which is both caused by the fact that he is a un neutered tom and also that cats generally don't like to share a litter tray because the smell of the other cats urine is seen as a territory marker too. Yes getting your male cat neutered is the answer he, will not feel so territorial around the house and he will also stop bugging your poor female cat.
I would still suggest that you get another litter tray though.

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