My Cat cried for 10 minutes tonight after feeding her canned salmon

by Todd
(San Diego)

Hello! I have a 14 + year old cat named Ti. She is a domestic long hair and weighs 22 pounds...yes 22 pounds. She's been around that weight for 4 or 5 years. Anyway, she had never shown any signs of diabetes..with the exception of drinking a lot of water. She has always done that though. She has been acting a bit weird this part week however. I am thinking that she may have a hyperthyroid condition from my research. Anyway, I usually feed here "Taste of the Wild" dry food which is excellent. No meat-by-products, etc. Tonight my roommate brought home some canned Alaskan Pink Salmon. He thought it might be a nice treat for you. Well I fed some to her (and tried a bit for myself). It was pretty salty...and I read the can and sure enough high in sodium. Ti loved it but after she was done she started yapping non-stop for like 10 minutes. Not really a cry but a "Raaaaaaarrr" like she was very uncomfortable and/or very angry. VERY loud and animate! It really concerned me...I was almost afraid to touch her. I did not recognize her the way she was acting. She is now sleeping (and snoring). Any thoughts on this? Was there something in the food that caused this...or is she just losing her mind? Did this food make a pre-existing condition worse? Any thoughts would really be greatly appreciated!


P.S. She just woke up and seems very restless.

Hi Todd
Unfortunately these cans of fish can be very salty and this is not good for cats. When i give my cats this as a treat i always rinse the canned fish first to get rid of some of the salt.

It may have been a reaction to the salt i.e a very odd taste in her mouth afterwards or even a strong thirst.

At 14 she may now start to suffer from the conditions you mention and it is always a good idea to have the vet check this out sooner rather than later as it can be treated. At the very least it will give you peace of mind.

Cats can start to suffer from elderly mental issues as they get older and i do have a web page which discuses this here

However as this is the first time that she has displayed this behavior it is too early to say whether or not it was caused by any form of dementia.

best wishes kate

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pink canned salmon
by: Anonymous

you are still not saying if it is okay to feed the cats some canned pink salmon ....

As far as I am aware it should be safe to feed your cat canned salmon as it should only contain salmon and nothing else. However I wouldn't do it often as they will want it all the time and also it won't provide your cat with all the nutrients they need for a balanced diet.

maybe a bone
by: Anonymous

this canned salmon does have tiny bones in it. possibly a cat could get one stuck in throat. NOT COMFY! Might want to have kitty checked out.

Canned Pink Salmon
by: Sabz

Hi! :) I bought pink salmon (canned, unsalted) because I wanted to taste it. I gave just a tiny chunk to my cat and she seemed to enjoy it. Now she won't stop "meow-purring" - yup, she's just meowing and purring at the same time! I thought I'd Google to see if I can give her some more of the pink salmon, that's how I landed on your page. Thanks!

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