My cat cries when I pet her tail now.

by Mandee

I have two cats one i got about 6 1/2 years ago as a birthday gift frim a breeder,the other i got almost a year ago. The one I got a year ago was a stray that no one claimed, so i took her in. She is a very good loveable cat and I am thankful no one did claim her. My question is that I have recently notice that at the end of thier both cats bodies,where the back ends and the tail begins, there is always dirt deep in the fur. I brush my cats but there always seems to be dirt. They always go crazy when I try cleaning it i.e. biting the pillow or even me sometimes. The reason i am concerned though is recently the cat that was a stray is now always crying when anyone touches her lower back and tail to the point she cries,hisses,or even bites and growls at me. She is also always licking and biting there. At first I thought it would be fleas, even though they are both inside cats and have not been outside since I have had them. I took the necessary action just in case it was fleas, but nothing is seeming to work. I hate seeing her this way, so please help me, I wanna be able to pet her without thinking I'm causing her pain.

Thank you!


Answer by Kate
How Strange. i can't understanmd how they get that part of their body dirty all the time if they are indoor cats.
It really is a puzzle and it does sound like they could be in some pain. Are you sure there isn't somewhere they are crawling into that could be getting them dirty or even burn them?

As this is such a mistery and that the cats are showing signs of pian i would dedinately take them to the vets to make sure there no parasites under the skin, burns or anything brocken or bruised.

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Cat sore back abd tail
by: Anonymous

My cat had the same thing and I took her to the vet and they x-rayed and she had fractured a vertebrate apparently it's very very painful for a cat that's why she was crying when I touched her back and tail
So if you find your car doing this take it to the vet immediately.

my cat too
by: kantor

hi I was looking for the answer to this as well. my cat whom I've had for 8 years has always been sensitive to this exact same area. However, now it's more than ever. She does not like it when I touch her lower back, she starts to cry and tries to get away.

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