My cat doesn't like to be picked up, why?

by amber stone

I took in a stray kitten december 09 not knowing she was pregnant she needed an emergency section as one of the kittens was stillborn,she gave birth to 3 kittens but sadly another one died after eight weeks of me feeding it every 2 hrs etc. she was a natural brilliant mother. At the right time we took her for her injections, chipping, worming etc. she is house trained but she is very skittish and even though she comes onto our bed at night or during the day and sits next to me on the furniture she will not allow you to pick her up, if you do manage to pick her up on the very few ocassions you are very lucky, but she just freezes and breathes rapidly, so i dont force her i just let her go. she knows when you are going to try to pick her up now and is even quicker at running away. how can we get to pick her up.

Answer by KAte
Quick answer is you can't .
I have owned many different cats over the years and some are easy to pick up, some tolerate it for a minute or so and other struggle from the off so that you have to put them down.

It is of course important that you pick your cat up in the right way so that they feel secure, perhaps you could try this a few times to see if she feels more comfortable but in some cases you have to just except that your cat does not like to be picked up.

There are some instructions on how to pick your cat up here on this page which you may find of further help

best wishes Kate

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