My cat doesn't seem to want to look after her Kittens

by Nicola Barrett
(Oldham, England )

Hi my cat had 4 kittens 5 days ago, she doesn't seem bothered in feeding them today, she will pop into them for a couple of minutes then jump back out, is this normal..??

well yes it can be normal for some cats who don't take to motherhood naturally. Some cats are better than others and some cats struggle with the whole thing.

young kittens like yours need a lot of feeding and attention from mum, so keep an eye on them but don't interfere too much as this could make matters worse.

if you notice that the kittens are not feeding or being allowed to feed that often you will have to step in and help. see this page for more on this

It may just be that your cat needs a few hours on her own at first to do her own thing but normally the maternal instinct will kick in and she will return to look after her brood.

best wishes kate

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I had two cats who had kittens within three weeks of each other. The fist one kept going in and out from the kittens and it worried me that she would not rear them. But she did! Then when the other had her kittens she helped with them as well and when the kittens were hungry they would just go to either cat to be fed. Neither female was nasty to either litter or to the other cat. Eventually the two mothers put all their kittens together and all nine were fine.
The first mother didn't seem to bother about her kittens as much as the second but her maternal instinct did kick in even though she didn't stay with her kittens as much.
Just keep an eye on her and try and coax her to lay with them one they start suckling she should be fine

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