My cat doesn't want to go outside any more

by beryl harry

my 11 year old female cat always loved going out in the garden. now for some reason doesnt want to. stays upstairs sleeping all day.eating less sometimes goes nearly allday untill evening. i pick her up and put her out when she does come down. she doesnt venture far. only in the garden. there has been know changes indoors or out doors.she seems ok. but im so worried about her. shes my only companion. would like your opinion.

well it depend son how long this has been going on for really. If it is only a few days then she may simply be feeling a little under the weather and may need just a few days to get over it.

However if this has been happening for more than a few days then I think it would be wise to have her checked over by a vet.

her symptoms are too general to be able to make any suggestions as to what it could be. But my policy has always been that whenever our cats behavior changes significantly and lasts for more than a few days , then it is always best to have a vet take a look. If there is something wrong then the sooner it is caught the better the outcome.

Lets hope she will be feeling better soon and will be back to her old self.

best wishes kate

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Why does my cat not want to go outside nd does not eat much?
by: Anonymous

Why does my cat want to stay indoors. She lookes outside from the flyscreen but doesn't go outside any more. And not much of a appetite.

NYC can't won't go out
by: Anonymous

My 9 year old male cat used to always race to the back door to go out but for the last 3 weeks he hasn't been going outside. He hasn't even been downstairs for food we have to take him downstairs otherwise he won't eat, as soon as he has eaten he will go to the toilet then go upstairs and sleep all day. I'm starting to get concerned for his health as he is only eating half a sashe of cat food a day and he won't eat his treats. We brought RSPCA treats and he won't eat them either. I don't know what to do, could you please help me I'm very scared and he is more than just a cat to me he. I helped his mum give birth to him.

Cat is not going out
by: Allison

For three days my cat does not want to go out he is eating and drinking he is only one year old always one I don't know what is going on with him I don't think that he is ill so what should I do

Can't won't go out
by: Happy

If your cat has a flap disinfect it just in case another cat has marked its scent. My older cat stopped going out in the garden and I realised she may feel trapped as it had high fences and she was getting too old to jump up onto them in case she needed to escape. I put a love down cat flap in the back gate and within a day she was back out there. Just like us when we get old adaptions can help us

cat not going out
by: Kev C

Is there a new cat in your neighborhood? My cat behaves like this when she perceives something outside to be a threat.
Last time it turned out to be a bobcat camped under the house!

Oh well
by: Anonymous

Your cat is much safer in your house. If your cat would rather be in the house then let her.

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