My cat eats a lot and is putting on weight

by Sharon
(Anaheim Ca)

My cat is eating way to much. she is obese. I adopted her from the pound and she was obese when I got her. Now she is in the habit of eating and throwing up then eating more. I try to feed her only twice a day. She is now going after my other cat's food. At first i thought she was throwing up a hairball but it looks like her food and not much is chewed. Does she have an eating disorder? She is soooo cute and I really think she is just big boned. Her name is Queenie and she is 9 years old. I do have her on wheight contraol and hairball controled food for inside cats. My other Cat is not overwhieght.

Answer by KAte
this sounds very similar to mu cat although my cat did not put any weight on.

At first it was because she was eating her food too quickly which made her sick and then of course she was hungry again. We remedied that by giving her smaller meals more often through out the day but only the daily recommend amount of food. that stopped her eating too much and then throwing it all up.

It could also be because she is a rather anxious cat and eats because she fears she won't get any more food and so packs it all in. In this case you simply have to be very strict. feed her her two or three meals at regular times and prevent her from getting to the other cats food. She will pester you at first but should settle down the the regualr meals.

The other possibility is a problem with the thyroid gland. My cat had hyperthyroidism but if your cat has a similar problem it sounds to me like she has the opposite kind of problem. See this page for more details on this condition

You would need to have tests done by a vet to determine if this condition is a possibility for your cat.

best wishes Kate

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