My cat gave birth ....

by Priscilla
(Ellerbe N,C)

My cat gave birth to 4 kittens and one died ,she usually has 5 or 6 kittens each litter ,but this litter for some reason she had only four . then after giving birth to only 3 the first day .The next day she gave birth to a dead one .About 4 weeks after giving birth to the litter one kitten just died milking the mother. now there is only 2 left. 1. The mother has NOT been nursing the kittens.

2. the mother has been pooping out this yellow gooey stuff and leaving it on the table and counters and floors ,she doesn't even do it in the litter box !And she is litter trained . She just ignores the 2 kittens no matter how hard they meow , she just sits there licking her self. Oh can the the kittens eat soggy cat food yet ? They are about 4 weeks old . what is wrong with my cat ?

You say that your cat usually has 5 or 6 kittens, this suggests to me that this cat has got pregnant over and over again and this is bad for a cats health and the health of the kittens and this is probably why some of the kittens dies and why your mother cat is now ill with a possible infection.

My advice would be to get all your cats to the vet so that he can examine them and prescribe medication to help the mother cat.
In the mean time you will need to feed the kittens special kitten food to help them stay strong please see this page for information on this

I would also strongly recommned having your female cat spayed as soon as she is strong enough. If she is allowed to keep getting pregnant then it is likely that she herself may get so sick that she passes away or that her litters are born dead or very weak.

I hope the vet is able to put your cat right again soon. it is so importnat that the kittens are looked after by their mother until they are weaned which is between week 8 and 12

best wishes kate

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