my cat goes crazy at night

Usually between 3am -5 am my cat starts running around from room to room meowing and meowing sometimes she will come right up to our face and wake us up from her meowing or from running on us, what can i do to stop this morning madness

Answer by Kate
Hi this sounds familiar. My own cat used to do the same thing when she was younger. now she just gets us up at 7am.

It is quite normal for cats to be more active at night time and the early hours as this is their natural time for hunting and playing etc. So your cats behavior is quite normal, unfortunately it doesn't fit in with our own lifestyle.

As to what you can do about it well there is not much but these are the things I have recommended before.

Play a energetic game with your cat about half an hour before bedtime to help tire them out

feed your cat a good meal before bedtime to help settle them down for the night

make sure the cat has plenty of things to keep them occupied during the night if they feel like playing etc

keep them in a separate room with the door closed

if this routine is kept up the cat will soon settle down into the new routine and should get used to getting up when you do.

best wishes Kate

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cats being cats
by: Anonymous

my does the same thing all day he will sleep then come midnight you can't stop him he's all over the place.

by: Sheila

I am fostering my mother's cats due to hurricane Sandy. My mother's home is larger than mine, so where it didn't disrupt her life, it is going to destroy my marriage and ruin my life. A little dramatic I know, but these cats are absolutely insane. I have read that this is normal behavior for cats, but there has to be a solution. They will not entertain playing before bed time, I have tried that.

Every night at midnight they wake us up. Running through the house, attacking each other, howling, jumping on our bed, attacking the blanket (we don't play games in my bed, so i don't encourage) clawing loudly and ruining my furniture.

I went to may favorite pet store, Earth Animal and the suggested "Return to Joy" (RTJ) which I have tried, however it may take a while for it to kick in.

Last night (like every night) just before midnight the party began. I captured the cats,get the tincture of RTJ, piss them off, and then it took the cats and myself probably an hour or more to settle down and get back to sleep and then round two occurs when the clock strikes 4. EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. So I get up, capture the cats get the tincture of RTJ, piss them off, then they are calm and it takes me an hour or more to calm myself down and get back to sleep.


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