my cat got swollen anus.

by kristina

Hi.i hope u can help me cos im a bit worried here.well.i start from the beginning.i have a cat.she lives with me now but before that she was staying with my cat called hopie was staying at my exes carrage.she started to go out a lot as really she was a indoor cat.she had babys.n after lil while she had them again.n now month ago again.she had 4 lil ive been out the country plus busy working i didnt have time to go see them.but one day,week ago now i thought that its time to get my cat back plus i thought i take one lil kitten aswell.n wen i did go to get them i was shocked.kittens they were fine but hopie herself was like bag of bones.i couldnt believe what i was seeing.i was so scared.i gave her food n she was eating witout shewing it.she just swallowed it whole.n she was eating fast that she nearly puked.anyway.i took her home n she seemed so relaxed straight away.she maybe knew that now she is in a safe place n she got food.i bought louds food for her.wet.dry.treats etc.she loved it.n she was perfectly fine till yessterday.after day at work i came home n found all these poop marks all over the house.first i thought she just didnt make it to the toilet in time.but then again that just wasnt normal i thought.cos it was absilutely everywhere.i did notice that she kept farting all the time 10-20 times a day n pood 3-4 times.n

the smell was horrific.couldnt stand it but at least she had a poo in a toilet.i just thought all that pooing n farting smelly farts was cos she was eating properly now.but stll.whats with that mess on my carpet.then i noticed that it even happens while she laying down or whenever.i saw her walking n i looked her bum n there was some poo just sticking out.then it was on her tail n it looked like poo just pressing out.everywhere she sits down she left the mark or
tiny bit of poo.that was all i looked n see her anus all swollen up n all around it.n looks like wet.of course she keeps licking it too n way too much.but seems like something comes out from there.she doesnt scrape it on the floor.i cheched her poo n bum n i cant see any signs of warms unless i just didnt see.she eats but not much.she just looks sad n sitting quietly in one place.when i call her she looks but dont come to u as she usually would.when she walks she walks very slow like she aint bothered.when she sits she dont put her bum down to touch the floor as it may be a bit painful or i dont magbe u could help me to find out whats wrong wuth her.too much food?after not eating place?or maybe cat treats?my cats very clever she can open everything n somehow she got her treatbox..actually 2 of dem in 2 days n ate them all.when i read on package u only ment to give 20 peaces a day.could that be the reason cos she had them way too much?

Answer by Kate
Unfortunately i couldn't follow everything you were saying.
However I can tell you that a cat should not have litter after litter as this will cause her to loose condition and become unwell and weak and this could be why she is so thin. Spaying is not that expensive now and there are evne cat charities that will do it for free.

the kittens are also in danger of becoming weak if their mother is unable to feed them good quality milk etc.

as for the smelly poos etc, well yes she may have eaten too much, also a different type of food at can upsets when first introduced. however she may also be suffering from a tummy bug. If I were you i would want to take her to see a vet to see how her over all condition is.

i hope she is better soon

best wishes kate

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please help my cat tommy
by: Anonymous

my cats anus was swollen and red yesterday, he was warm but body temp is now normal ,hes better but
he tries to poop but cant, husband said he ate a bug

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