My cat has a bald bum

hi there,

my cat is just over a year old she has no fleas and no worms, yet she is going bald on her bum.
the bald spot ranges from the base of her tail and a little up her back ( not much ) and down the back of her legs.

do you know why this is happening?
she has a birth defect, she was the runt and still is very, very small about 6lb and she was born blind in herright eye. could this have something to do with it?

Thank you for your time and I look forard to hearing your response.


Answer by Kate siteowner
have you noticed her grooming the area? It could be that she is over grooming , which some cats do if they are stressed. The other alternative is that she may have an allergy which is making the area particulary itchy or sore and that is why she is over grooming. Our cat had an allergy which we were not aware of and it drove her crazy until we took her to the vets.
It is probably always best just to get her checked by the vet just to make sure there isn't something causing irritation. they will also be able to rule out if it is something to do with her being a runt.
She looks happy in your picture, bless her. I hope the cause can be found soon so that you can stop worrying her.

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Bald bum cat
by: Anonymous

I have this same problem with my tortie girl and this problem is caused by hormones and needs treating by a vet.

Thank you
by: Anonymous

She groom's but not over grooming, I think she is just a little strange.
She thinks she's a dog and she is blind in one eye.
She has not lost motivation, apitite or anything.
She doesn't itch or scoot her bum.

I'm not sure whats causing her to lose her hair.
She has a vet appointment in feb, as they feel it is not worrisum. So she will go in at the same time as our dog.
Thank you

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