My Cat Has A Itchy Butt

I came home the other day and my 3 yr old Bengal, was scooting across the carpet, like dogs do??( like she was itching her butt) I have never seen a cat do this. Do you know why.

Answer by Kate
I have seen a female cat in heat do this once. Or it could be impacted glands or even A skin allergy or parasite bite. So many things could make a cat do this. best to keep an eye on them for a fe days and see if it happens again in which case it may be an idea to have them checked by a vet to rule out any medical conditions etc.

beutiful cat by the way, i love the bengal coat. :)

Comments for My Cat Has A Itchy Butt

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by: Anonymous

Kittens often have parasites...get her checked. My new boy scoots and is parasite free and anal glands ok. In him might be
Allergy or cleaning his butt.It is gross no matter how much u love them.

hard stool
by: linda

my 8 yr old maine coon has hard stool, and sometimes rubs on carpet to get them off of herself, she just eats dry food, always has, and drinks a lot of water, and is a indoor cat.

by: Bengalmamma

I stubbled across this site as was trying to find answer to why our 2.5 yr old spayed Male Bengal scoots every so often on the carpet. Glad to find these articles. Dont know if I should be concerned or not? Scooted twice this week, then may not do it for weeks, months.Washes and grooms as per normal daily but after scooting he has a nibble down there. Indoor Boy only having access to outdoors via their enclosure. No worms or other health issues with him or our other boy. Bowel Movements checked daily and appear normal in texture, colour and size and no sign of any parasites in faecal matter or on body. Yes our bengal is the most beautiful, gentle, loving, loyal & very very intelligent but oh boy can he TALK especially in very early hrs of the morning!!!!But he is our special & most treasured boy as is our other domestic short hair boy. We are cat mad for sure and spoil them rotten.Just love to love.....

My cat has a itchy Butt
by: L. Rael

My cat does this to clean her butt. If she keeps doing it, I check her & there's usually a piece of poop I need to clean off. I have a special rug for her, when she takes a poop she gets out & wipes her but on the rug like a dog, until she's satisfied that she is clean.Her name is Tippy.

Butt Scootin' Bengals
by: Anonymous

My Bengal has always scooted her rear on the carpet too. She did it much more when she was younger, and now it's rare to catch her in the act. She's 7 years old, spayed and has had no health problems except the loss of two teeth. Maybe Bengals are predisposed to this behavior--something to do with their wild roots and marking territory? They are an extremely loyal, loving, smart and talkative breed. So I guess it's worth shampooing the rug a little more often.

me too
by: Anonymous

my 6week kitty is doing the same thing. i cant figure it out?!!!

me too
by: Anonymous

my 6week kitty is doing the same thing. i cant figure it out?!!!

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