My Cat has a lump after giving birth


my cat just gave birth 4 days ago to five healthy kittens. However, we have noticed that she has a lump on her stomach that isn't going away. Also, she has recently started breathing harder and faster than normal. I'm not sure if this is serious and I should take her to the vet. I have her water to try and cool her down, and she drank a little, and then i brought her milk and she drank quite a bit of that. She's eating normal and she goes outside everyday.
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Answer by Kate
Hi she may have an infection inside or in her mammary glands. the heavy breathing could also be associated with this too. She may even have another kitten inside which is unable to come out.

in any scenario she does need to see the vet as soon as possible. All her symptoms suggest she needs some medical care.

best wishes and I hope all is well


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Results of your worries
by: Debbie

Did you get answers to your concerns about your cat with the lump after giving birth.?

Feels like a baby left inside ...?!?!!!?
by: Sarah

Hi there!
I too have a cat who recently gave birth to three healthy kittens, they are three days old now and eating and sleeping well.. :)
Momma kitty is doing great aswell, she has no bleeding happening or straining/contracting BUT im a little concerned since i regularly feel her belly (mayb a lil habit i still have for feeling babies kicking from when she was pregnant) and i always feel something that feels like a baby..
Does anybody have some insight as to what it could be...Momma doesnt have any other signs indicating the possibility of it being a baby left inside so im confused about it.
Any help helps
Thank you :)eater

by: ayesart

My cat has given birth to six kittens. She has begun to eat and drink water normally. When I feel her sides beneath her ribs, I can feel a lump. What is that? Normal?
Her kittens have been feeding and alternating their use of her nipples. Her nipples look normal too. No lumps there. She is relaxed and does not have a fever.

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