My Cat has bad breath and is very skinny

by Darlane

My female cat has developed very bad breath and is so skinny her ribs and hip bone show but she eats enough and is always hungry, she is 9 years old. Does anyone know what could be wrong with her?

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My cat too
by: Anonymous

My 20+ yr old cat was loosing weight, has very small to no muscle mass left, took him to a very trusted vet. As cats eat a high protein diet over their lifetime, this affects their kidneys, especially in older cats. Although he still eats good, drinks and grooms, in the last few days his breath is bad. This is just another step in the process of his body starting to shut down, he will get to where he doesnt eat or drink and will become listless. Then I will know its time for me to take him back to my vet and take the next step of letting him go over the rainbow bridge. Unlike some that may have bad teeth or worms or something treatable, I would suggest you consult a vet, just to get to the bottom of the problem.

What was the diagnosis?
by: M Jay

Did you take the cat to the vet? What was the diagnosis? Our cat is going through the exact same thing.

bad breath
by: Anonymous

Ive have 2 cats that had bad breath.both needed their teeth pulled.....if they are in pain, they arent going to eat...

by: Anonymous

I had a cat with the same type of problems. I found out that she had a tape worm which might be the problem. Has she had a litter of kittens lately? When I adopted mine she had had a litter about 7 months previous and not all of them came out and were infected inside her making her lose weight. So she was very skinny, but was still eating voratiously. I hope your cat gets better.

Good answers
by: Shannon

I have a cat showing similar symptoms, he is about 7 years old. I will be taking him to the vet shortly, but from what I've found on-line diabetes, hyperthyroid, cancer and worms are all very likely. The first is somewhat more likely if activity level has increased, diabetes usually causes the opposite. A lump on the throat indicates cancer or the thyroid issue, but he could have either and not have a lump. I had issues with the first few vets I tried too, lost a couple of cats to that. However if you wait longer on going to the vet that increases the likelihood that they won't be able to help your pet. Luckily these problems should be determined with blood work, so misdiagnoses is less likely. Ask for copies of the lab work, maybe you can have a vet in another country give a second opinion based off of the lab work. I'm assuming you can't take your cat to a vet in another counrty do to distance or quarantine laws. Tell us what country you live in maybe someone can recommend a good vet there. Always look up your pets medication on-line. My mom's cat has epilepsy, and the medication prescribed had a lot of side effects. I used to work at a pharmacy so
I did some research and found out it was one of the worst for all the side effects. So she told them to change it. They did and he's doing better now. So just look up any medications. Hope all the information helps. Wish you and your pet well.

I have a cat with a similar problem
by: Anonymous

Hi there,
Ihave a cat with a similar problem too. I am afraid to bring her to the vet cos' I never have good experiences with the vets in my country. I have been to very good vets however, my cats end up seriously ill after that and they usally die. I have a real phobia for the vets. However, I did bring her to the vet for the bad breath. They gave her a steriod jab and that made the ulcers subside and now she is able to eat better. But ever since then, she has become very skinny. I am trying my best to handle the situation by reading and trying out herbal remedies or vitamins. However, she is still very skinny. Her breath still smells but no severe ulcers. I need some good advise. Thanks.



Regarding: Skinny by Darlane from Canada
by: Anonymous

Hi Darlane,
I am NOT a vet, just a cat owner. My novice advice to you is to check for tapeworm and other worms by the vet. Cats can still have an appetite, and only Droncit pills or shots get rid of tapeworms specifically.Pyrantle gets rid of other types of worms, but not all types. Cats get tapeworms if they even eat one tiny flea or flea egg sometimes while cleaning their fur, is my understanding. Tapeworms are hosts and can kill your cat if you don't get rid of them. Sometime you can notice tapeworm segments around the cat's behind- they look like pieces of rice. Sometimes the segments crawl out of the cat's bottom while they are asleep and you find them later hardened on the bedding the cat was using.Act quickly if this is what is wrong.

by: Kate

It could be a number of things wrong with her. She may have some bad teeth which is very common with cats.

She could have thyroid problem which is also very common which can cause cats to have a big appitie but not put weight on.

It really would be best if you get her checked out by a vet as soon as possible.

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