My cat has bald patches on her ears, why?

by Pamela
(Lower Hutt, NZ)

My Cats Bald Ears

My Cats Bald Ears

Last year my then 3 year old cream burmese female developed small patches on the end of each ear. it appeared that the hair had just been removed in some way. No scratching was involved and the vet seems to have no answer. The cat isn't bothered. Should I be?Doesn't look great but I don't show her. Her twin brother does not have the problem so it is obviously not contagious. Any ideas?

well this is odd, if the vet has taken a look and does not believe it to be caused by ear mites or another parasite, then all it can be is either some odd skin allergy or a simply genetic fault.

It is very symmetrical and so i am wondering if it is genetic.

If it is not bothering her in any way and their is no scratching then i wouldn't worry. If it starts to spread then the vet will have to do more tests.

best wishes kate

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by: Anonymous


If it's symmetrical, it's likely genetic. A condition like Alopecia can remove hair from small spots on the body. It doesn't bother the cats, they're ok with it!


Bald Patches on Ears
by: Pamela

My female cat that had the bald patches on each ear was left alone to do her thing and the hair grew back. Now 5 years she is looking lovely again.

Same thing...
by: Anonymous

My cat is almost 4, she gets these spots as well. She does have a small area that was scratched and will not grow hair but now she has larger patches missing. Also very symetrical. My brother's dog has been visiting again lately, it may be stress/anxiety related because my cat is scared and hides the whole time the dog is around. Any thoughts?

My cat also has bald spots
by: Anonymous

My 5 month old cat also has small bald spots on her ears, also simetrical...i dont' believe it's hereditary...have you found out what your cat had?

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