My cat has breathing problems can anyone advise?

by Teresa
(United Kingdom)

My cat keeps quivering all over and his head keeps jerking. He keeps smacking his lips as well, especially when he meows. His breath is sometimes bad and he keeps shaking his head. He's had upper respiratory infections, bronchitis and tonsillitis in the past and had several teeth removed due to his teeth growing deformed. His upper respiratory infection keeps coming back, either that or it has never cleared up. He keeps expelling air as if he's trying to expell something from his throat or stomach; or maybe it's his lungs that is the problem.

He's been seeing a vet now for over a year and doesn't seem to improve.

I should be grateful for any help in this matter.

Many thanks, Teresa

Teresa I am unable to advise further as your vet is best placed to discover what the cause is. i will leave this question open in case other visitors have experienced a similar problem and can advise further.

best wishes Kate

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Never-ending illness
by: Teresa

Thank you for your comment. I think you're right - I should change my vet. My cat is going in to the vet again today to have an ear examination; it's had one before but nothing showed up. I've asked for a full body x-ray as well to see if there's anything else going on inside. If I don't get any answers today, I'll find another vet; afterall - this has been going on for over a year now and my cat is suffering with the numerous trips to the vet and never-ending examinations.

Let's hope I get some answers today so that my dear cat can get well.

Theresa's problem
by: Anonymous

Shalom Theresa,
I too am sorry you are having this problem. The one thing I would suggest is to see another vet.
Alos in the pet stores in the health aisle, there are usually several products that are usually herbal and used for various problems - I'd look into these too. (The ones I use often are for hairball problems [very furry Maine Coons) and Paw-ese for transporting my cats.)

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