My cat has changed

by chris

I had my cat for 9 months now, she has always been friendly, kind, just the sweetist cat. She loves my 3 small dog's. Shes never try hurting us never. She's not spad! So she's always been a house cat, she will cuddle with us, play with us, lay on couch with us etc... the last two month's i've been letting her go out side every now and then. She usually come back in the middle of the night, 2:am. One day she went out side, and was missing until the very next gay after noon. That's the longest she's ever been out. Ever since she came back, her Demeanor has change. She hiss'es at me now and I go to rub her on her lower back on top next to her tail, as if it's hurting write there. No signs of bleeding or anything of that nature. She hide's a little bit and doesn't socialize as much anymore. She keep's to her self, does'nt come any more when you call her, she looks sad and down, and growls when you try cuddling with her now. I'm really scare because she is completely different, I'm starting to wonder if she's replace by another clone! LOL This is very heart breaking because something happen to her. I was thinking maybe she was lost, and fustrated she couldn't find her way home, and maybe that is the cause of her depression. But that still doesn't seem write. If you have the answer and solution to this please please let me know.

Answer by Kate
well this could be a case that she has been either attacked by another cat outside or a male cat may have tried to mate with her. if so this can be a pretty brutal affair and she may have been hurt in her rear end. It would also have frightened her. You shouldn't really be letting her outside if she is not spayed. She may even be pregnant now you never know.

If I were you i would take her to the vets to have her checked over anyway in case she has been hurt or bruised in some way. I would also talk to them about having her spayed. This will help with her temperament too as she will no longer be affected by hormones etc and will become a much happier calmer cat.
It definitely sounds like she has gone through some sort of trauma which has frightened her. Cats often react aggressively due to fear and this can be also caused by pain. So take her to the vets as soon as you can just in case she is in some pain.

I hope she is Ok

best wishes Kate

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