my cat has disappeared?

by monica wall
(perth/ australia.)

hi i had a 3 yr old female russian blue, she has disappeared ive looked high and low and i cant find her. im so upset as i dont now what else 2 do, im hoping maybe u may have some answers why cats disapear? my son has got a near addiction i the family he a staffy cross red heeler, hes 8 months old he a indoor dog. hes my protect as i have ms and he keep me safe. im hoping masyber u can help me?/ thanks again monica downunder.

Answer by Kate
well there could be many reason why your cat has disappeared.

if they are not spayed then they could be out looking for mates or protecting their territory.

other possibilities is that they have got locked in somewhere or have wandered off and have got lost. There are so many different reasons.

there are things you can try to do to try and find them though. please see my page here for some ideas

I hope you find her soon best wishes Kate

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Explorers can get locked in!
by: PL Moore

My 7 yr. old wanderer always came home at night she only stayed out 2 or 3 times in 7 yrs.
so after 1 night and two days I was very worried.
Until my Mom who lives next door went out to her storage shed and out popped River! She was unhurt but very hungry and thirsty and a bit mad!
Since then she's actually been locked in the shed and my car twice! Cats love to explore so I've learned. When River doesn't come home I start checking. You also might want to visit neighbors and ask them to check any out buildings.

cat has diusapeared.
by: monica

hi ty 4 your answer., i done things like that, i even looked under the varanda, nothing? she has been fixed up. i have a large dog were thinking that may have scared her awasy, he was sml and living with sml dogs all our life with her big change. my dog was a pup then he big now. shes a russian blue, they say russian blues dont like change in there home isd that true? ive been leaving food out, it gets eatin, bvut we have a lot of neighbours cats coming over. i just dont now anymore. its just strange, she cant handle cold weather either, and wetre in winter.?? ty 4 your help anyway. take care monica downunder.

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