My cat has gone from being a lap cat to extra aggressive

by dave

i have a 2 and a half year old half simeese cat, (i'll appolagise now my spelling is rubbish), we had him chopted at a young age and has been my lap cat ever since.

I also have another female cat of the same age, we got them both together although not brother and sister,

siameese cat has started to go off for 2-3 days at a time, some times as long as 6 days, but he always comes back and is happy as larry,

reciently my other cat has just had kittens, in cam the siamesse after a 3 day adventure to find 5 little kittens in a box, no problems, he climed in the other end of the box to get a better look and let them come up to him and lye next to him,

off he went again for another 4 day adventure but this time upon comming home was quite intimidated abount comming into the house,

ever since then i cannot go near him with out him hissing at me and rasing a paw, he hisses at the other cat after having a sniff, and also hisses at the kittens, he really does get agitated at comming in the house, however he still keeps comming in,

my problem is mainly i cannot go no him, i can not stroke him and it is as if he has turned slightly ferral and deffinatly agressive,

he has been like this now for about 3 weeks, is there anything i can do to carm him, get him to
re accept me comming near him or even to encourage him to stay around,

i did think maybe locking him in for a week or so, (the same as if i had just moved) to get him re aquainted, but he just looks so uncomortable and i end up letting him out.

he was such a lovly cat before and i would really like him back to his old ways, so if any one can help, please do!


Answer by Kate
well this is unusual behavior for act that was previously a lap cat. it does sound to me that because he spends most of his time outside for days on end that he is returning to his wild instincts and turning feral again.

There could also be an issue with the house being full of other cats and their smells etc.

i do think that your only option would be to confine him into 1 room for a week or so with his litter tray bed and toys and to from time to time put him into a carrier and let the other s cats in to smell around etc. if done often enough it should help all the cats get to know each other without the fear of attack.

you will have to be strong though, he won't like being in but if you are ton have any chance of getting him back to how he was I think this is your only option.

please see this page for more on the introduction method

best wishes Kate

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by: dave

thanks kate, i will try this,

also someone suggested feline plug in thinges, have you herd of these are they any good ?

i will read up on re introduction and once again thanks


yes I have heard of plug ins to try and help your cat relax i think they are called felaways. But i have never used them so could not say if they are effective or not.

best wishes Kate

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