My cat has gotten really mean to me and everyone

by MrsKraft

my girl cat has gotten really mean for the past 2mos everytime i touch her or pick her up she gets really mean she has never been like that befor she has been in heat befor and she has never been like this. i never hit her or anything to her she always has food and water all the time she plays all the time too with her brother he is fixed and the other girl cat we have she is not fixed but she does play with her but she does fight her too. but its only been for the past 2mos.

Answer by Kate
Cats are very territorial and a cat in heat is very hormonal. The combination can case the cat to react in different ways. In this case aggressivilsy.

the fact that you have two female cats that are not spayed means that there will definitely be more territorial issues regardless of the fact that they know each other etc.

as for way she is being mean to you well all I can say is that she may be grumpy cased by her hormones. Just like a woman can get grumpy during her periods etc.

the answer, well if it were me I would definitely get both female cats spayed. this will make them more more contented less frustrated cats.

best wishes Kate

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