My cat has huge bubbles in her ear

by Vanessa

My cats ear popped a few weeks ago and blood shot out. Now their are huge bubbles in her ear and every time I touch it she meows. What is it

Answer by KAte
well she may have a severe case of ear mites, or she may have sunburn or have been stung by something perhaps stinging nettles. In any of these cases this sounds severe enough to warrant. a trip to the vets. At the very least your cat must be in some pain or discomfort and needs treatment.

I have a web page about cat ear problems which you may find of further interest here

Hope she is better soon best wishes Kate

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My Cat has huge Bubbles in her ear
by: Mary

I am sorry to hear of this condition in your cat but I can tell you EXACTLY what this is as I have had 2 cats of my own that has has this happen to them.
This is called a Cat Ear Hematoma of the ear flap

Please see the enclosed link on this condition

This happens usually when the cat has ear mites or a ear fungus causing excessive scratching at the ear.
The scratching causes a ruptured blood vessel in the ear flap and that flap fills with blood.
If it fills too full, it will burst open and blood will emerge. NOT A GOOD THING

This is something that NEEDS VET attention as the repair needs to be done carefully.

DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DRAIN this bubble on your own as infection is greatly possible and this will continue to re-occur until the blood vessel has been successfully sealed by a vet and the ear flap sutured.
It is not a very expensive thing to have done depending on your vet and their fees.
My cats had this done and successfully repaired for about 125.00 each and the vet allowed me to pay alittle down and make payments on the balance.

This IS painful for your cat so seeing a VET and having it taken care of is ESSENTIAL.
I hope this helped you and that you are able to get immediate care for your cat and this condition.

Best Wishes

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