my cat has just started pooping inside

by Sue

I have had my female cat now for 10 yrs, she is a very nice natured lovable cat, but seems to pester for food all day long none stop even if she has food.We have changed her food from time to time to see if it is a matter of her just not likeing whats put down , but she will eat a bit then cry all day for more , like she doesent know its in her bowl.................

She has now started to poop inside , near our conservatory doors,tearing up carpets, ect........ has also urinated inside as well ,Even though we always have a window open for her to come and go as she pleases.I am home all day with her so i know she does go outside ,sometimes for quite a while .

Every morning she will come into our bedroom and cry and cry untill one of us gets up ,then when we come down stairs she has food in her bowl and water,just seems to not want it at all , Even when its fresh !

she has been wormed and is very healthy , nice coat ,and bright eyes,she is still affectionate ,and enjoys a cuddle.

We cannot close bedroom doors at all , or she will claw the carpets to bits
Any advice would be great


Answer by Kate
ummm well she sounds like a very needy cat that would perhaps benefit from a little routine. Now thats not a criticism at all. Its
just that some cats can become very dependant on their owners and what their attention all the time especailly when it comes to food. My own cat would never eat unless i sat on the floor near her and would not eat the food unless it was just fresh out of the can. if it was left for even a short while she would not touch it. Now this was getting expensive.
So i stopped leaving food in her bowl and kept to regular feeding times when i would only put a small amount of food in her bowl and when she had eaten and wanted a little more i gave her a little more. because the food was not available all the time she was happier to eat it without me being there and i stopped wasting so much food. perhaps regualr meal times would help your cat too.
Now having said all that have you had her checked by a vet recently? I ask this because is 10 and thyroid problems in cats are very common. This causes the cat to feel hungrey all the time and makes them demand fodd constantly. It may even explain the pooping behavior as my own cat had a thyroid problem and started to use the inside litter tray all the time where as she also had access to the outside where she would normally go. Get her checked out as a first step and if all is ok then perhaps try the meal routine.

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