My cat has recently begun spraying his favorite chair

by Joe


We have two male cats, both are SPCA adoptions. Both are fixed. One is about 7 and the other is nearly 6. We've had the older one since he was approx. 6 mo. and the younger one since he approx. 6 weeks. They both are inside/outside cats.

The yonger one has recently begun spraying mostly his favorite chair and other places in the house. I've searched through your site to find an explanation, but I figured I should ask about it. Now the only thing that is different since he has begun this behavior is that he was sick with a viral infection about two months ago. We've noticed the spraying after that.

I do have another unrelated question, just out of curiosity. Why, when they are outside and they come to the house, do they stop, drop and roll on their backs on sunny spots on the pavement? Could it be with the nicer weather, they like the warmth of the ground?


Hi Joe
There are only ever two main reasons for cats to do this, either they are ill with something like a uti or it is behavioral caused by anxiety or instinct as regards to territorial.

If it was a uti you would notice other symptoms too such as s strong smell etc see this page for more on this

Otherwise it is either due to feeling the need to scent mark his favorite paces to confirm that they belong to him, now this could be due to territorial needs ie it is spring and even though both cats are neutered there is still instinct or it is due to a little anxiety because he has not been feeling well.

If you feel that it is not a health issue but a behavioral one then a period of confinement with the litter tray is a good option as it allows the cat time to relax and not have so many things to worry about. It is not a punishment but a sort of time out. the instructions for this are at the bottom of this page

You will have to thoroughly clean his chair in the meantime to make sure that no odors are left at all as this can encourage them to use the spot again if they can smell the urine.


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