My Cat has stopped grooming herself

by Lesley
(Coquitlam, BC)

My cat has stopped grooming herself because of medical issue that has now been cleared up. how can I get her to now start grooming again?

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Stops Cleaning
by: Anonymous

Hi, Your wonderful older cat has stopped cleaning herself because of old age. I had a 21 year old cat (she just recently died)did the same thing. I spoke with the vet and he told me that the older the cat is the less they groom. This is do to they are less limber and cannot get into the position like they use to. Old age unfortunately does this. I kept my baby brushed (every other day) and it got to a point that her hair was all natted and I just had to trim those places. Good luck with your baby.

My 17 year old cat has stopped grooming herself
by: GustasGloop

My 17 year old cat has stopped grooming herself I assume as a result of old age. She is still pretty active but she is really skinny (despite eating a lot) and her hair is getting matted. I brush her often but it is overwhelming the amount of hair there is. Is this going to make her sick and should I clip the mats? She just looks so pitiful it breaks my heart.

Answer by Kate
I really would get her checked by a vet it sounds to me like she may have a thyroid problem if she is eating a lot but is thin. My own cat was recently diagnosed with this and now after a operatyion is fine. My cat is 14 years old.
The fur problem may be related so it is worth getting her checked out as soon a s possible.

by: Anonymous

Try wetting her a little bit with a wet flannel, she will groom herself to get dry, that should get her back in the habit.

by: Kate

I think it will be just a matter of time as she starts to feel happier and more like her old self she will start to grrom again. It is often a sign of a contented happy cat when they groom, so it could be that she is still not feeling right still.

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