My cat has stopped urinating everyday

by Felicia Ramirez
(Pasadena, TX)

About a week ago she started urinating on the carpet by the box and I noticed she hasn't going everyday. Took her to the vet for a urinalysis and they said she is fine. Did not a culture seeing as my spot visit was $114. What do I do? Could she have crystals and it did not show in her urine?

Answer by KAte
well it all depends on how much she is drinking as to how often she goes and also can you be absolutely sure she is not going somewhere if she doesn't always use her litter box.

Try feeding her more dry food with fresh water near by, i find that the dry food encourages them to drink more.

You may also want to give her a few days with her litter box using the confinement method as this may help her to get used to the tray and also you will be able to monitor more closely if she is going or not. The method is described on this page

best wishes Kate

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