My cat has suddenly become very ill tempered.

by vicki
(centerville oh usa)

The female cat  is white, the male cat is orange.

The female cat is white, the male cat is orange.

Over the past few days my little female cat has become very mean to my male cat. They're both fixed and have lived together for 3 years.

I took my male to get his nails trimmed yesterday and when i returned home with him she attacked him. She's been growling at him and hissing since yesterday. I think it's because he maybe smells different but she won't let him close enough to realize he's still the same cat.

I'm worried that when i'm not home they'll hurt each other, her through her sudden meanness and him defending himself.

Please don't worry, what you have described is known as aggression truama and yes was more than likely triggered by the vet visit.

i am asked about this a lot and so have written a page all about this situation and what you can do to try and help things calm down. here is the page


I wouldn't worry about your cats hurting each other. this is very unlikely. i have two male cats who every now and again will have a spat, yes it looks and sounds terrible but never results in an injury. it simply is not in a a cats interest to do this. usually its all show and warning off and cats are smart they know when to walk away from trouble.

Things should return to normal over the next few days as long as you don't pass on your anxiety to your cats. they will regain confidence in each other again in their own time.

best wishes Kate

PS love the picture, they look like a lovely couple. :)

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