My cat has the itches

by Grant

Kumho makes chillin look uncomfy

Kumho makes chillin look uncomfy

Hi i was wondering if you might be able to help my kids and myself with Kumho our 16 month old female cat.She has been desexed and aside fom that leads a pretty uneventful life . But the problem is that i flea her every month with Bayer advantage spot on,and since i have started that the few fleas that you did see on her have gone and we have gone over her so completely nothing could have gotten past our eager eyes.But even with the fleas gone she still scratches a fair bit,mostly around her neck where the two collars are.I have removed the collars for up to a week and she continued scratching so i put her identification collar and good quality flea collar also back on.The only thing that i can think of and you will probably say yes thats it,is we look after and rescue wildlife ranging from possums ,to gliders and you name it we have the real sick ones live in cages in the house, but if it is them there is nothing not an insect or a scab or any type of foreign item or object on our cat so im at a loss so if you can give us something to work on theory wise because we have tried everything that we and our friends and a few vets could come up with.(Pardon my grammer as i wasnt very good at english) and sorry to make it so long but i have head injuries and have trouble putting things into words,and just have trouble explaining myself. Thank you

Grant Bradley

Answer by Kate
The monthly flea treatment that you put n her is it from the vets? I ask because many of the flea product that you can buy over the counter are not very good at getting rid of fleas and keeping them off. Whereas the fleas treatment available from the vets is a sure fire way of keeping fleas off as well as protecting your cat from some worms as well.

the other possibility is that your cat is allergic to something around the home, this could also include her food. it is quite common for cats to be allergic to some kinds of food (my own cat gets the itches when she eats a certain type of dry kibble for instance).

Try changing her food (give it a good week and if not change , try another)

Also i would remove the flea collar. if you are using a spot on treatment the flea collar is not required and can cause allergic reactions too.

best wishes Kate

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