My cat has worms.

by Tracy


My kitty is 1 year old now. My boyfriend rescued her from outside our apartment building when she was about 6 or 8 weeks old. As soon as I saw she could eat solid food I knew it was time for him to try to catch her. Anyway,. She had worms which I hear they can get from their mothers milk. My other cat Bootsie (also a rescue from outside) got them also so I treated them both. The worms disappeared. I always check their poop just to make sure and yesterday I saw 2 worms in my Bonnie(1 yr. old kitty)poop. My cats are indoor cats only so I am wondering how she got them back. Is it possible after not having them all this time she could get them? I feed the outdoor cats. Can I bring a worm in with me somehow? My neighbors have 2 cats and like once or twice a month they will visit for 5 or 10 minutes, but they have never used their liter box. My cats share a liter box and we have never had a problem. My apartment is small so I don't have room for another one anyway. When we first got Bonnie she had her own little liter box especially when we discovered she had worms, but she started using Bootsie's literbox. My cats just adore each other! We loove them. If you can give me a clue as to how my Bonnie could get them back that would be great!Oh yeah, I had some worm medicine left from when they had the worms and I treated both of them last night and I know in 2 weeks I do it again. That is what I did lst time and I never had to treat them again ...until now.


Bootsie and Bonnie's mom!!!!

Answer by Kate
well it is impossible to say how she got worms again but to be honest all cats have worms from time to time that is why you need to treat them regularly for worms. i use Drontal worming tablets. All you need to do is give one to the cat every three months and that should keep them worm free.

I wouldn't worry too much about how they got them, just treat them and the problem should go away. Worms in cats are very common indeed.

please see this page for more information

best wishes KAte

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