my cat i have not figured out a name for her

by rodney
(jacksonville nc)

i have not figured out a name for her as i usually name them as to their personality, i owned three cats that includes this one 3 were male as a youngster his name was kk teen years 2 cats named bubba and sampson, nbow a friend gave me a female cat with pappers saying she was spayed and declawed which i object to declawing, any way she will follow me every where i go, but in a sneaky fashion, i have an older brother who lives with me, she stays in my room most of the time sleeps only between my legs facing away from me down by my feet, also if i roll over, she will sleep on my hip until i get upset and gently push her off, well now i noticed she is loosing hair in her hind end area, she is indoor cat, flea treatment.the whole nines except bath and i would do that to my other cats, she is affectionate to other people when they come over so i am sure she was well cared for, i think she is 8 years old, i have been feeding her meow mix, and as a treat now and then i feed her a half can of canned food. basically why would she basically clean her hind end and both hips to the point that i am noticing fur missing looking at her now it is around base of tail, she will actually chew on her tail any help would be appreciated, i have not taken her to vet yet, but would if its an emergency thank you in advance rod

Answer by KAte
Hi Rod
Cats can some times over groom when they are anxious. It could be that this cat is not feeling happy in her new home, it may have something to do with the other cats as not every cat is happy to live with others.

I don't know how you introduced all the cats to each other but it may be an idea to keep your new cat away from the others for a while to let her calm down and then to slowly reintroduce them again.

Please see my pages here about
the introduction process and also a page which talks about over grooming.
best wishes KAte

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