My cat illness

by Atul shyam

My 1-year plus cat is always crying and dosent take food regularly.She dosent have a male too.I dont know what to do and it's driving me crazy!Can you help me with this?

Answer by Kate
I'm sorry but from what you describe it is impossible to say. Much more would have to be known about the cat, her habits, her symptoms, her living situation etc. Is she spayed for instance. If not then her meowing could be associated with this.

i also don't know what you mean by she doesn't have a male. if you mean she doesn't have a male cat around well she doesn't need one unless she is un-spayed.

My advice is if she is not spayed this would be the best thing for her. it will make her a more contented cat and there are many health benefits too for her. Also there are already too many unwanted kittens in the world, so having her spayed would be the best things for her. there are places that can help you with the cost of this and sometimes even for free.

please see this page for more on this

If she is spayed then, she may have other underlying illnesses if she is not eating properly and again your only option is to take her to see a vet.

best wishes Kate

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