My cat is 1 years old losing wieght and urinating on himself

by Tina
(New Jersey)

My cat is 1 and within the past few days I have noticed he has lost an extreme amount of weight which you can notice by his back legs (hips) and there is also pee in his bed and noticed he has been peeing all over himself. I am not sure what to do :/. Is there something wrong?

Answer by Kate
yes this is not normal and with him being so young too I would strongly recommend that you take him to a vet as soon possible.

It is impossible to say what could be wrong but with the weight loss being so sudden and the peeing etc, something has happened, perhaps he has eaten something poisonous or he may have even fallen and hurt himself inside. There is no real way to say without a full examination. It really is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to our pets health.

i do hope it is something that can be sorted easily.

best wishes Kate

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My 18 year old cat is sick
by: Analey

Okay, so I have had Oreo since I was a year old, we practically grew up together. Lately, I've noticed that he is constantly laying around (which isn't really odd, but he'll lay for hours!) He's drinking a lot of water, but he's not eating. I even tried milk/eggs/bread. He's also limping and his gums are white. I don't think that he's lost any weight. I have two kittens that he loved to play with and he doesn't even acknowledge them. He's been peeing where he lays and on himself. Please help me save my Oreo

I'm afraid that at 18 all sorts of things could be wrong with your cat. Only a vet will be able to advise what is wrong and whether there is anything you can do for them and to make sure that they are not in pain or distress.

I hope you can get some help for Oreo soon

My Cat is also urinating on himself and barely eating
by: Anonymous

a couple of days ago we came back from our vacation and a friend was taking care of our cat well i noticed something odd about him he was wet so i thougt that maybe he might have got into some water but when he came to me he was very sluggish and his wetness was urine so when he layed down and got up he was in a puddle of urine . Do you think that he might have a uti ?

Answer possibly but this would very extreme and couild be down to anxiety. Perhaps keep an eye on him and see if their are other symptoms etc if so then he should see a vet urgently.

Hope he is better soon

best wishes kate

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